Many people have heard about Nigeria, while some are totally unaware of its existence.  To those familiar with it, it is no surprise to know how wealthy it is on the African scale.  But in northern Nigeria it is not the same.  The communities have been paralyzed by more than ten years of insurgency and terrorist activities;  consequently, so many children remain uneducated, are recruited into terrorist groups, or turn to the streets, begging for survival.  It is because of this condition that HOPE came into existence.



Angela believes God has called her to serve in Nigeria believing “This is why we were sent your to Nigeria over 10 years ago.  God planted the seed and now our faith has grown to better understand His  plans for us.  We know His people in Nigeria, He has given us a love for these people and now He is sending us to care for those that the world does not see.  We are to stand in the gap and tell their stories so that this country and His people can find hope and healing.”


So now with devoted individuals with feet on the ground in Nigeria, Angela and fellow volunteers supporting efforts from across the world-

HOPE has assisted orphans and widow in numerous ways, especially in the provision of emergency food, blankets, and most importantly, education. We are being God’s hands and feet, His foot soldiers on the ground.  We are actively serving God by loving and serving His people, especially the orphans and widows- “the least of these.”  Matthew 25:40

Over 500 menstruation kits were made by over 40 volunteers in the U.S. and then sent to Nigeria and distributed to women and young ladies in IDP camps.

In March 2020 a group of women began gathering every Monday to pray specifically for Nigeria. To join us please email HOPE.

In late December when all other NGOs wrapped things up for the year an influx of new IDPs arrived.  HOPE was able to provide over 500 IDPs with two weeks of rice. Notice all the black bags of rice on the women’s heads in the background.  By doing so we began to win the trust of the locals which led to building our school and skills aquisition center where many of these woman learn skills that provide a way to provide food for their families.  

When distributing rice  it was brought to our attention that many  people were without shelter and the suggestion to provide blankets was made.   Again we reached out to our donors and on New Years day we were able to provide 500 blankets to IDPs including teenage orphans.

A young mother and her baby who was severely burned during an attack on their village.  The camp couldn’t provide additional care for the child so HOPE financially helped in getting the infant care.

The host community was complaining because little IDP children were defecating where ever they pleased due to the lack of facilities for young children to be able to use.  HOPE stepped up and purchased small port-a-potty containers for the mothers.

Children waiting in line to register for school.

HOPE is building classrooms in IDP camps and in host communities.

Registration for the 2021 school year.

HOPE provides mats for children to sit on during class. 

HOPE provided the opportunity for 100 students to take their primary exams in 2020.  97% of the students passed.

HOPE provides celebration parties with soda and balloons for all.  Many of these had never seen a balloon before and soda is a real treat.

HOPE ships  boxes twice a year full of school supplies and hygiene supplies.

HOPE is teaching the importance of good hygiene by purchasing hand washing stations. 

H.O.P.E. has provided skill acquisition classes for widows.  We now have over 200 registered for tailoring, knitting, pillow making, hula (cap) making, pasta making,  and soap making.